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Short Story

This is intended to be humorous...

I had a job interview Monday and I brought along my linux laptop to show 
the folks how I do some of my work. I booted my laptop at the end of the 
interview but I was so nervous that I  couldn't remember how to run 
emacspeak. I'm hitting C-c C-e C-d C-x in various combinations until I 
accidently closed emacs and had to restart.

But I told them I was nervous and got back in, browsed a directory, had it 
start reading "Great Expectations", browsed a web page...

I guess maybe Raymond and the rest of you guys who make this thing work can 
take a little satisfaction in how helpful your work is to people like me.

John G. Heim
University of Wisconsin - Division of Information Technology (DoIT)
1210 West Dayton St, #4297, Phone: 2-9887

To boldly code what no one has coded before.

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