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RE: Is there any options for installing emacspeak for fedora core2?

Murthy T S N writes:
 > I observed that it is there by default.
 > But When I tried to  activate it the error is that "speaker process is not
 > running" I followed all the instructions. And I even went to the extent of
 > checking the components like  tk tclx and so on.

The problem is that the Emacspeak speech server isn't running.

What speech synthesizer are you using?
What are the values of the DTK_PROGRAM and DTK_PORT environment
variables? What happens if you run the speech server from the shell?

In asking a question on a mailing list, it is very important to
provide relevant technical information. Otherwise, it won't be
possible to help you. Also, others will be more inclined to assist if
you offer the necessary technical details right at the start.

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