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configuration of flite, eflite and emacspeak 17 on debian unstable.

Does emacspeak need a synth string for flite to work.  WHat iI'm getting at is I
no I set dtk_tcl to something but what? Also, to I set DTK_TCL in my .emacs
file, my shell source file, or somewhere else?  Debian users: can I just run
dpkg--reconfigure emacspeak and have it make the necessary changes so emacspeak
starts with flite?  Can I setup one option for running emacspeak with flite and
another option for running under a hardware synth until the sound system gets
configured?  Another note to debian users: emacspeak is only up to bersion 17
and there are only versions of emacspeak in the stable and unstable sections.
However, testing does have flite, eflite, emacspeak-ss.

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