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DEC-talk server incredibly flaky

your results are better than mine -- on My amd 64 box running FC3
and Alsa --- and with an appropriate DMIX plugin defined as the
default device, the default test program that comes with dtk5.0
produces horrible sounding speech.

>>>>>   <peter.rayner@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
    > T. V. Raman writes:
    >> But first check if the dectalk is using OSS emulation
    >> which is what I suspect it is doing.
    > Yes indeed.  And it may b a bit worse than this.  As I
    > noted in my first post about this new machine, sound was
    > appearing at double speed and double pitch under OSS.  ALSA
    > fixed this.  Now I've found out how from the nice
    > documentation on OSS emulation under ALSA.  he sound device
    > I'm using (an INTEL I82801 seems, from reading the comments
    > in the driver, to only support 16-bit *stereo* samples.
    > DEC-talk produces mono.  Thus the sound hardware expects
    > twice as many samples as it's getting, all consistent with
    > the speed and pitch.  ALSA fixes this by inserting a
    > "plugin" layer in its OSS emulation to map what's being
    > sent to the device file (/dev/dsp0) to what the hardware
    > likes to see.  One can test this by turning off the plugin
    > per application.  If you do this you get back to speech
    > sounding like a duck on speed.
    >> Also, check if you have any .asoundrc file in your home
    >> directory that will also influence how your personal alsa
    >> environment functions.
    > No file there.
    >> Finally, run some regression tests without emacspeak of
    >> the speech server --- send it some commands in a pipe and
    >> see what happens.
    > Standalone tests so far going fine.  Not clear evidence but
    > most of the hangs seem to happen when starting chunks of
    > speech, e.g. changing buffers and the like.  It doesn't
    > seem to crash in the middle of reading a window etc.
    > I'll keep looking and reporting but others might want to be
    > aware of potential excitement with the combination of
    > DEC--talk and the I88201.  cheers Peter
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