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newbie questions

I'm trying to install emacspeak on a slackware 10.1 box.  I currently have the following:
emacs 21.3
tk 8.4.6
tcl 8.4.6
tclx 8.3.5
I have flite and festival compiled and installed, however, I can't garantee they're installed 100% correctly.  I'm using a doubletalk external with speakup.
I have already grabbed the emacspeak-21-tar.bz2 source.
I would prefer to configure emacspeak with one of the software synths.  Although, if I have to, I will use the doubletalk.
It appears that some kind of speech server may be necessary.  This is the point at which I am a little confused.  most everything I have seen refers to the decktalk, which is not an option for me.  So I'm not sure how to proceed with the installation and using one of the 3 synths that are available to me.
Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated.
-- Rob