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Re: update on speech server issue

Thanks for the reply.

> emacspeak startup stuff in a file in this directory call
> 10emacspeak.el - as 10 is the lowest number in the directory, it
> ensure emacspeak is loaded before any other package.

Aside from setting up the environment variables, which I am doing in
/etc/profile, what sort of startup file is there?  I've never seen one
documented anywhere, so this is all news to me.

I have DTK_PORT, DTK_PROGRAM and EMACSPEAK_DIR set, but that is all.

> I've never seen a SuSe based system, but expect they have a similar
> setup

Yes, SuSE uses the same system.

> My recommendation would be to go back to basics. Use only the Suse
> packages. Use the tarball of emacspeak 21. Do a 'make clean' before
> doing the 'make config' etc.

Thanks...I got frustrated Tuesday and already tried this without success, and
did it a second time again today...the SuSE tclx package does not include the
"tcl" executable that emacspeak needs, and the tclx source package won't
compile with the SuSE installed tcl and tk, so I'm back to installing them from
source again.

I spent some considerable time trying to make this work, checking packages,
et cetera.  No luck.  I finally decided to install the same versions of
tcl, tx, and tclx as I have on the Slackware system (where emacspeak 21 works),
but it did not help.  But at least emacspeak 17 and 18 now work again.

> Run through the checks outlined in the makefile exactly as they are written.

I have done so many times.  All the tests work, just emacspeak does not.

> Try starting
> emacs with the -no-site-file and -q options and the -l option to just
> load the emacspeak-setup.el file.

I did that; works fine for loading 18 but won't work at all for 21.

> Also make sure you haven't got a
> suse based package of emacspeak installed


Any other debug ideas I can run so I can get some better information for
you?  I wish I had some more useful information.  Perhaps Friday I could
try running it under csh.


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