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Speech Server --Emacspeak 18 And Later

This may or may not help clarify the SUSE mystery, as well as the
Accent-SA server:

Upto Emacspeak 18, emacspeak used two environment variables --
DTK_TCL named the tcl interpreter and DTK_PROGRAM the server

The speech server got launched as 
tcl dtk-exp

After Emacspeak 18, I got rid of variable DTK_TCL,
and the server gets launched as 

For the above to work, the server script needs to be executable
--- notice that this was not needed as long as  emacspeak was
launching the server  by explicitly launching tcl with the server
script as an argument.

By default the server scripts should be getting installed with
execute permissions; it is quite possible that SUSE failed to do
this. I suspect the accent sa script is also not being made
executable by the package that installs it --- I cant tell
because that script is not part of the base emacspeak package.

Best Regards,

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