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No go (Re: Accent SA in Emacspeak-22)

So far as I can tell, the Accent-SA is _NOT_ supported by Emacspeak-22
... nor is it supported any version going back to at least 16.0.

With some minor corrections to the Emacspeak-ss drivers, the synth can
be made to speak, but there are many critical gaps in the coverage
(skips most warnings and prompts).

I have made a short sample MP3 to demo the result:


In the 2 minute test, I open a directory that is not there (no
feedback) then open a file (mistakenly do Ctrl-x f first, and hear
that error just fine) to show how typed words are not spoken and how
every keystroke appears to be wrapped in some kind of (ANSI?) code.
Finally, I exit Emacs to show how the "Save files?" prompts are
missing key bits of feedback (like the prompt options).  The mp3 is a
pretty good demonstration of how impractical it would be to use the
system as is.

This is a fresh install of the Emacspeak-22 RPM on RedHat 9 with no
prior customizations; could recent changes to the defaults now set
emacspeak into a default streamlined speak-less mode?  Same for these
extraneous char-wrapper codes?  I've trapped all text bound for the
serial port, and what is trapped looks fine, but these extra keystroke
codes and the messages are all missing -- is there some other program
path writing to the serial port and bypassing the server?

if any of the above problems can be fixed through configuration
options, or if anyone can suggest points in the code to investigate,
please let me know; the missing prompts problem also occurs with the
new Java-based speech-synth and with the Festival synth, so these
issues may be endemic to all the external synths under current
versions of Emacspeak and may be worthy of fixing even if the AccentSA
is itself quite obsolete.

Gary Lawrence Murphy <garym@xxxxxxxxxxx>: office voice/fax: 01 519 4222723
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"what I need is a job that doesn't interfere with my work" -gary murphy

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