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Possibly useful utility

Hi Tim,
   A modest but, perhaps unreasonable, suggestion. I tried to get hold
   of wvText on the web but just kept getting shunted off to wvware
   and most of the things I downloaded turned out to be some kind of
   index.html file rather than  a zipped tar-archive. It would have
   been very nice if a URL for downloading the various programs had
   been included in your posting.  I think Emacspeak has some of these
   facilities included for use in conjunction with VM.

   I hope I'll be able to actually start using some of your utilities
   soon; particularly the conversion of postscript files.

PS: I haave used pdftotext which comes with the xpdf package:
occasionally it gives garbage apparently because of the document
containing Type3 fonts.  Is The   pdftotext you are using
any better in this respect?

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