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How do I use the espeakf server?
I have after much difficulty sucseeded in obtaining the espeakf.pl
script, but when i run the script I get a message
Saying something about an unbound variable,  at line 265
the whole ting ends with broken pipe.

I plan to use festival with emacspeak and yasr.
Can you tell me how I shall get this server to work?
Or is there any other solution I can use?
I have tried festival lite, but I don't like that voices very much.
I plan to use the mbrola voices with festival and the cepstral voices.
I have looked at the cepstral server as well, but there was no server
for the swift engine, so I have to use the festival script for cepstral
I found on cepstral's home page.

Hope you can help me

 Kristoffer Gustafsson
Solsäter Månstadsvägen 3
51453 Månstad
Telefon: 0325 42093
Mobil: 073-822 64 73

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