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espeakf/writing emacspeak server

I have just discovered what was wrong with the festival perl script.
I have downloaded and tried to use a finish version of the script built
for finnish festival, so now i know what the problem is.
Does anybody of you have the original espeakf code?
Or if not I plan to write an own server for festival since  festival is
very good and works with many synthesizers and languages.
Yes I know that festival is a bit slow, but I think that it is the price
we have to pay for the good voices we can use such as cepstral or
I shall only have a basic server that supports reading text, and
stopping the speech.
What would be the easiest programming language to u
Do I need to interact with festival in server mode or is there any other
way to cominucate with it?
thanks in advance
 Kristoffer Gustafsson
Solsäter Månstadsvägen 3
51453 Månstad
Telefon: 0325 42093
Mobil: 073-822 64 73

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