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fedora core 3 and festival help needed

I am a novice user of LINUX using fedora core 3, gnome version 2.8, went to application, preference, keyboard short cuts, program labeler  to create a hot key to shut down or log out from the system, by using  the hot key from the EMACS command line-editor, however the system blows out on me and when I click on keyboard short cuts I get the following error message "gnome keyboard binding property has quitted unexpectedly. " Do you have any suggestions how can I correct that?  And further more I am using emacspeak 21.0, flite 1.2 release and eflite version 0.3.9, but couldn't figure out on how I can adjust the speech speed because it's very fast.  Do you have any suggestions?  Thank you very much.

Rutgers LCSR