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Re: Best Practices in W3 and TRPlayer

A thousand thanks for those tips -- I've got a lot to investigate,
but it does look promising, especially the url template stuff.

>>>>> "t" == T V Raman <raman@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    t> The more important thing to do with realplayer is to get a
    t> command-line version written against HelixPlayer.  

Not as useful as you might think.  

True it has better quality and better sound-system support ... when it
works. Maybe it's just my bad luck, but I find Helix very very seldom
works.  And I so _wanted_ it to work.

I have had several email exchanges with the Helix and Real crew over
the past two years following a bug report I filed regarding missing
codecs.  After some proding they confessed: Helix and RP10 and up lack
the most common codec used to encode realplayer content.

apparently it is a patent issue, but the result is that I do not find
many real audio files that will play on Helix -- Since there is no way
for Helix to resolve this issue, I reverted to RealPlayer9 last year,
and haven't yet found a realplayer file that it won't play.

These days I tend to use mp3 far more than realplayer; it is nice to
have the luxury of bandwidth and there's far more content in mp3 and
ogg files.  do you know if there is a text-only interface for xmms?

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