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emacspeak/eflite - ubuntu (debian)

Good Day -
I have just partially setup a ubuntu (debian) system with emacspeak & eflite for my blind father - 84 yr-old...
I was using emacspeak 17 file with eflite... 
now, I'm getting the speaker process not running error message when i fire up emacspeak - to my knowledge nothing i have done should have had any effect on the system... I made a modification to the inittab to get autologins working (have also shut that off to check if that was the problem)... 
I also of course added emacspeak to the end of the .bash_profile - want emacspeak to fireup without any user input...   (i've also pulled that out "just in case")
I've gone back into emacspeakconfig and made sure that eflite is selected...  all seems fine??? 
if anyone could point in a direction for finding what i've managed to mess up