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Emacspeak (CVS) And Media Player

Here are some tips for getting the most out of Emacspeak and the
Linux MPlayer using ALSA.

Over the last couple of weeks, I've transitioned completely away
from trplayer for playing realaudio --- primarily because it only
uses old Realplayer8 codecs, and is also tied to the old OSS
sound API.

Installing mplayer on FC3 to get the most out of it requires
building it from source, grabbing the tarball of codecs,
and finally running prelink with a modified
/etc/sysconfig/prelink to enable the win32 codecs to load in the
presence of ElectricFence.  Just type in some of the above words
at Google to find the page that tells you how to go about doing
the prelink bit.

But once you do all that, you can use
mplayer as the single media player for all content, which is what
motivated me to update module emacspeak-m-player with a  more
complete Emacs-UI to expose all features of mplayer.

As the final icing on the cake, on a well-configured ALSA system,
this lets you use Viavoice TTS while playing multiple MP3
streams, even if the soundcard does not have hardware support for
mixing multiple
output streams

And before you ask "Where do I get ViaVoice", rumor originating
from friends at IBM has it that Janina Sajka is making it
available for sale as a supported bundle for end-users, though
I've personally seen no announcement go by on this topic.

To use ViaVoice TTS with ALSA, do a CVS update and look at the
files in the servers/linux-outloud  directory.

Best Regards,

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