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remote emacspeak solution for IP masquerade problem

Just put together a quick prototype which uses some neat Unix plumbing
to use 2 outbound ssh connections rather than one out and one in
bound.  The inbound method of doing remote problematic if your machine
isn't accessible from the internet due to masquerading or packet

The solution can be done with not more than a few lines of shell code
(see below for narrative).  I will need to R&D this a bit more so that
it can handle server restart properly.  This exercise was a proof of

1. On the remote machine, make a pipe FIFO file somewhere.

2. On the remote machine, create a server script named for example,
outloud-remote and place it in  the servers directory.  This is a one
liner script that does nothing except to exec a cat command which will
write stdin to the pipe file.

3. Of course, make this your DTK_PROGRAM

4. On the local machine, start an ssh command that does a cat pipe on
the remote machine and writes its output into your locally running
synth .  Put this in the background.  You will hear the startup
message from the synth immediatly.

5. Finally, ssh into the remote machine again and start emacspeak.

The object is that we are using the pipe file as a point to link up
the synth commands coming from the remote emacs session .  Since we
can't connect back to our local workstation, our workstation will
start the synth program locally and read it's input from that pipe
which we've connected withg using the extra outbound ssh.

If there's any interest in this, I'll post the scripts themselves when
they are developed completely.

Have fun

Jerry Sievers   305 854-3001 (home)     WWW ECommerce Consultant
                305 321-1144 (mobile	http://www.JerrySievers.com/

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