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remote emacspeak solution for IP masquerade problem

This is a very good idea -- I'd like to see it tested and
hardened --- I've needed it for a while but never badly enough to
overcome the laziness to hack it up.

>>>>> "Jerry" == Jerry Sievers <jerry@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
    Jerry> Just put together a quick prototype which uses some
    Jerry> neat Unix plumbing to use 2 outbound ssh connections
    Jerry> rather than one out and one in bound.  The inbound
    Jerry> method of doing remote problematic if your machine
    Jerry> isn't accessible from the internet due to masquerading
    Jerry> or packet filtering.
    Jerry> The solution can be done with not more than a few
    Jerry> lines of shell code (see below for narrative).  I will
    Jerry> need to R&D this a bit more so that it can handle
    Jerry> server restart properly.  This exercise was a proof of
    Jerry> concept.
    Jerry> 1. On the remote machine, make a pipe FIFO file
    Jerry> somewhere.
    Jerry> 2. On the remote machine, create a server script named
    Jerry> for example, outloud-remote and place it in the
    Jerry> servers directory.  This is a one liner script that
    Jerry> does nothing except to exec a cat command which will
    Jerry> write stdin to the pipe file.
    Jerry> 3. Of course, make this your DTK_PROGRAM
    Jerry> 4. On the local machine, start an ssh command that
    Jerry> does a cat pipe on the remote machine and writes its
    Jerry> output into your locally running synth .  Put this in
    Jerry> the background.  You will hear the startup message
    Jerry> from the synth immediatly.
    Jerry> 5. Finally, ssh into the remote machine again and
    Jerry> start emacspeak.
    Jerry> The object is that we are using the pipe file as a
    Jerry> point to link up the synth commands coming from the
    Jerry> remote emacs session .  Since we can't connect back to
    Jerry> our local workstation, our workstation will start the
    Jerry> synth program locally and read it's input from that
    Jerry> pipe which we've connected withg using the extra
    Jerry> outbound ssh.
    Jerry> If there's any interest in this, I'll post the scripts
    Jerry> themselves when they are developed completely.
    Jerry> Have fun
    Jerry> --
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    Jerry> Consultant 305 321-1144 (mobile
    Jerry> http://www.JerrySievers.com/
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