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emacspeak - Re: [Emacspeak] [tvraman/emacspeak] Adds Windows and SharpWin support (PR #119)

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Re: [Emacspeak] [tvraman/emacspeak] Adds Windows and SharpWin support (PR #119)

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  • From: "T.V Raman" <raman AT>
  • To: "Robert Melton" (via emacspeak Mailing List) <emacspeak AT>
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  • Subject: Re: [Emacspeak] [tvraman/emacspeak] Adds Windows and SharpWin support (PR #119)
  • Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2024 09:45:58 -0700

"Robert Melton" (via emacspeak Mailing List) <emacspeak AT>

Either option on the Makefile works, but what I dont want to merge is a
cL that touches so many files.

Here is a suggestion:

1. Keep a separate branch that touches a minimal number of files, --
hopefully at most 1.
2. Let that develop and refactor / simplify progressively
3. Should be easy to keep that branch up-to-date with Master -- if not
then the "doesn't affect the rest of the codebase would be false"
4. I dont care too much re why you rejected cygwin, wsl etc, but I'm not
willing to pollute the codebase with non-unix assumptions re tools
and utils.
5. I think the interesting work here is creating a TTS server for
Emacspeak, not in the sort of busy work the current PR indicates.
6. If the Windows TTS server works well is a roaring success, that
would at least create some justification for some of the busy work.

> First attempt forwarding a github discussion to the list, lets see how
> well this works. I sort of faked how I imagined an email correspondence
> on it would look below.
> -
> ---
> Raman--
> Alright, so for various reasons I am willing to go over if anyone cares,
> I ruled out cygwin and WSL.
> The good news in this case is that we just need a very small number of
> very basic tools. Msys, Msys2 and GnuWin should all be enough to make
> it work.
> I am not completely clear on how option B would work, would that be a
> that lives alongside the current Makefile? Or was the
> intention a Makefile under SharpWin that does all the required build
> steps for the entire project?
> Will close the PR and we can continue discussion on list.
>>> On Mar 30, 2024, at 10:44, T. V. Raman <notifications AT> wrote:
>>> Let's not touch so many files. And let's not have if/else switches
>>> everywhere, I wont sign up to maintaining this. To build on
>>> Windows: A. Require user to use cygwin or wsl, or alternatively
>>> B. Write a Windows specific Makefile. Linux tools like tar etc are
>>> expected -- I'm not interested in having Emacspeak work for a
>>> Windows user who wont install Linux-like tools
>> Ticket Content:
>> This provides extremely basic support for SharpWin. Should have zero
>> impact on anything that isn't Windows.
>> • Gates parts of the Makefile that can't work on windows (chmod,
>> README using HEAD and tar)
>> • Ensures when on windows it uses cmd.exe and doesn't use sh if
>> available
>> • Changes the quotes from ' to " for the build line, this does not
>> matter on *nix, and makes it work in cmd.exe
>> • Adds the SharpWin server option
>> More complete version will come before merging officially, but this
>> is enough to let people test by using Emacspeak git and SharpWin git
>> together.
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