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emacspeak - Emacspeak discussion list

Subject: Emacspeak discussion list

Description: Emacspeak: The new home of the Emacspeak discussion list.

List messages as of June 13, 2023 are archived at:

All previous messages are archived at

Postings to the emacspeak list should be related to emacspeak.

Postings to the emacspeak list are only accepted from subscribed members.
Postings of a commercial nature, even when made from a subscribed address
will be removed unless they are directly related to emacspeak and have
received prior approval from one of the list administrators.

The list admins may remove anyone or any post we deem necessary.

To post to the list send mail to:

By default you will not receive a copy of your posts. To see if your
post made it to the list, check the archive at
If you want to get a copy of your own posts write a list admin and
request that we change your preferences. Please make sure to write
us from your subscribed address.

By default replies to list posts are not sent to the list, only to the
author of the post to which you are replying. If you want to reply to
the list, you will need to "reply all" or you need to replace
the original post's author's name "To" field of your message
with "". As long as you don't change the
subject line the list will know it is a reply in the same thread and
index it properly.

If your email address changes you should "unsubscribe" the old address
and then "subscribe" your new address. Instructions on how to do this
are available by sending a message to
with a subject of "help".

If you have trouble with the automated list, please send mail to us
describing the problem and we will do our best to take care of it.

Greg Priest-Dorman and Tim Cross

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