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emacspeak - Re: [Emacspeak] Experimenting with multiple voices for mac/windows

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Re: [Emacspeak] Experimenting with multiple voices for mac/windows

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  • From: Bill Dengler <codeofdusk AT>
  • To: Robert Melton <lists AT>
  • Cc: Emacspeaks <emacspeak AT>
  • Subject: Re: [Emacspeak] Experimenting with multiple voices for mac/windows
  • Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2024 09:00:51 -0700

Yes you can, via the controller client, which now supports SSML as of
relatively recently. Was going to make a feature request for you to link to
it once everything else was a bit more stable, so thanks for that!

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> On Apr 15, 2024, at 08:44, Robert Melton <lists AT> wrote:
> ´╗┐Bill--
> So, thanks for pointing me in the direction of NVDA, as I learned two
> important things.
> #1. They use a different library than I was using,
> which appears to be the critical difference. There are 3 Speech Synth
> engines on Windows.
> #2. It is relatively easy to link to NVDA and use it if it is present
> on the system and running, I think I can even avoid double-speak by
> doing it.
> So, win, win -- should have a new version out tomorrow hopefully with
> more complete SSML support.
>> On Apr 14, 2024, at 21:36, Robert Melton <lists AT> wrote:
>> Bill--
>> Here is C# code that ... doesn't work.
>> That is the code and instructions to get it running, if you can
>> make it change pitch, please do. I tried a bunch of approaches
>> when I was working on this, but if it is possible, hopefully
>> someone from this list can show me, because every attempt I made
>> failed.
>> To do it I was working on hand implementing pitch manipulations
>> in C# using NAudio, so I would much rather have a line of XML I
>> can add. :)
>>>> On Apr 14, 2024, at 21:16, Robert Melton <lists AT> wrote:
>>> More than happy to be proven wrong on this, I will post a minimal
>>> reproducer that just pushes SSML to the Speech Synthesizer, maybe
>>> someone here can fix it, maybe I am not implementing the SSML
>>> properly.
>>>> On Apr 14, 2024, at 21:10, <codeofdusk AT> <codeofdusk AT>
>>>> wrote:
>>>> I know for a fact it works with Zira and George as NVDA supports pitch
>>>> changes on both.
>>>> Those are the natural Azure voices which won't work super well for us.
>>>> Bill
>>>> -----Original Message-----
>>>> From: Robert Melton <lists AT>
>>>> Sent: Sunday, April 14, 2024 6:07 PM
>>>> To: Bill Dengler <codeofdusk AT>
>>>> Cc: Emacspeaks <emacspeak AT>
>>>> Subject: Re: [Emacspeak] Experimenting with multiple voices for
>>>> mac/windows
>>>> Windows SSML support is mostly a lie.
>>>> It does technically parse it completely, supporting 100% of the defined
>>>> spec, the problem is after parsing they throw the majority of it away.
>>>> Pitch and Contour are examples of stuff that are not implemented on
>>>> almost
>>>> all voices. You in theory can get them working with the small subset of
>>>> labeled "neutral" or "natural" voices, which are not installed by
>>>> default.
>>>> Last doc I could find out of the many, many attributes and features of
>>>> SSML,
>>>> the internal class implements
>>>> 6 of them.
>>>> I didn't want to make installing those voices a requirement, all the
>>>> framing
>>>> for pitch is already in and was even being pushed into the SSML prior to
>>>> 1.3.
>>>> I guess I can put it back and just alert the user to install one of the
>>>> 3 US
>>>> voices that support it. "Guy" for US, "Ryan" for UK, and "Prashant" for
>>>> India.
>>>>> On Apr 14, 2024, at 17:38, Bill Dengler <codeofdusk AT> wrote:
>>>>> Why do you say that Windows has no pitch support? You should be able to
>>>> send pitch offset in SSML.
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>>>> Robert "robertmeta" Melton
>>>> lists AT
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>> Robert "robertmeta" Melton
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