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emacspeak - Re: [Emacspeak] Binary Builds (via Github)

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Re: [Emacspeak] Binary Builds (via Github)

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  • From: "T.V Raman" <raman AT>
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  • Subject: Re: [Emacspeak] Binary Builds (via Github)
  • Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2024 14:46:55 -0700

Sg:-) Also Linux already has some of the distros building packages, so
if you have cycles, after you've lifted up Mac and Windows, you could
help them directly.

For me,Emacspeak is both my daily tool and also a research work-bench
of sorts, and I am therefore very careful to not turn into a mode
where I'm just maintaining a set of bla tools and end up stuck in a
least common denominator state -- as you know first-hand, LCD
solutions is where all the platforms have arrived at in their ever
faster race to the bottom in the area of innovative interfaces.

Robert Melton writes:
> Raman--
> I completely understand that perspective. I also think
> that this can be done via custom packages for Mac and
> Windows exactly like it is done for Linux distros.
> So, I might go down that route. Brew for Mac and Winget
> for Windows. Sort of gives a natural reason to keep the
> separate repos alive, to provide binaries.
> Obviously, easier onboarding can bring lazier users. But
> as a user who almost gave up due to random frustrations,
> and now can't imagine not having it, I am a bit more
> willing to blindly hope that some additionally onboarded
> users could become contributors. But as they say, hopoe
> in one hand and crap in the other and see which gets filled
> first.
> > On Apr 24, 2024, at 16:37, T.V Raman <raman AT> wrote:
> >
> > I'd be reluctant -- especially for Linux, given the range of libs.
> >
> > The more magic you create, the more you set yourself up for folks who
> > wont do any work themselves but just show up expecting help -- AKA the
> > classic free-loader. I wont dissuade you from helping them, but I wont
> > take that on either.
> >
> > Witness the other help request that showed up today from someone who is
> > using git but isn't even prepared to read and parse the message git
> > displayed:-)
> >
> >
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> Robert "robertmeta" Melton
> lists AT


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