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Re: Docker image for Emacspeak

Hi Sanchit,

I have a jpg from emacspeak 11 goldendog. I am not a Windows user, if you tell me what size and format you need the image to be then I should be able to convert it to what you need.  Currently it is 736 by 1061 pixels and just over 700k.


On Sun, Jul 19, 2020, 9:03 AM sanchit orca <orca4sanchit@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I am wondering is there any docker image for Emacspeak. Recently I moved to windows and wsl2. Perhaps there is no audio support for Ubuntu on my wsl. So I'm looking for any docker image if it's already created for Emacspeak.
I've also tried emackspeak based on windows which was created by one of the Microsoft employee. But this is not supporting texlive-latex-extra so didn't find tractive.
In my thought it would be nice if somebody  could release it's docker image.
Many Thanks.

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