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Free variable emacspeak-we-url-executor warning during boot of a fresh install of Emacspeak 52

Hi folk,
I'm trying to install Emacspeak 52 with Espeak under Emacs 26.3.

After the installation, when I run Emacspeak, I have the welcome page of Emacs and Espeak reads the buffer normally.
However, I have a warning into a separate buffer:

Warning (bytecomp): reference to free variable ‘emacspeak-we-url-executor’

This variable is not referenced into online manual and I have no idea on what it's supposed to do. I also tried to compile and install Emacspeak from source master and I have the same warning. I am under Fedora32.

Can you help me or give me input to an other documentation out of my scope?
Thanks for your time.

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