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Re: zip attachements - from the list admin


You are correct not to open any zip files.  I am sorry but in the
recent mydoom virus on two occations (so far) the virus has been
mailed to the list with a header that is acceptable to the list
server, as such it has been sent out to the list.  The only way around
this I can see in the near term would be to change the list to a
moderated one, but that would slow things down durring fast exchange

I have tried over the years to keep this list as spam and virus free
as posible, to that end I hope to replace the mail system here with
something that is better able to handle this kind of situation later
this month (Feb. 04) so this should be less of a problem in the

The mail server upgrade is also why I have not split off year 2003 in
the archive (in case anyone noticed).


>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Holmes <steve@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Steve> What was this supposed to mean? I got a zip file attachment with no
Steve> description or purpose.  I'm to the point lately that I will never
Steve> open attachments with previous explanation.  Even though I'm on a
Steve> linux system where attachments are more harmless, I still practice
Steve> this out of principle now.


 Greg Priest-Dorman

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