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Re: Flite 1.2 Will not Compile!

Steve Holmes <steve@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I wondered if that might have something to do with it.  The first
> machine I tried it on has 96 meg and the second I tried it on has 64
> meg.  If I recall, the swap is approximately one times the amount of
> memory on each box.  I got the identical error on the same module on
> both machines.

I have seen this same problem (Internal Compiler Error) on
the ARM platform on a machine which didn't have much ram (64MB IIRC).
The compile eventually finished when it was executed
on a machine with more RAM (128MB IIRC).

I am guessing you are seeing this problem during the compilation
of lang/cmu_us_kal*/cmu_us_kal*_diphone.c (note that the 16bit version
of this file has 21MB!).

> I wonder where I might find a pre-compiled binary of flite? I run
> slackware 9.1 so don't really know how to break down a debian
> package.

That depends on how you plan to use flite.  If you only
care about the executable `flite', you can probably
compile it on some other box and transfer the statically linked
executable.  If you want flite to be built with
dynamically loadable libraries, things might get a bit complicated,
since those .so files will have a dependency on the libc of the
system you were compiling on.

> If I get a precompiled binary some place, do I need any other
> support libraries or resources? If more voices are acquired, how do
> I hook them in? do I have to recompile flite all over again to
> include them?

> Thanks for putting up with all these questions.  I think flite is one
> of the first programs I just can't get compiled.  I can usually bang
> around enough to compile everything else and most source packages are
> clean enough to compile correctly in the first place.

flite itself is clean, the problem is just that you don't have enough
memory to do the transformation of 21MB C sources into machine

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