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Starting Emacspeak with Eflite

Somebody may have mentioned this before but can't remember for sure.
When I start Emacspeak with DTK_PROGRAM set to /usr/local/bin/eflite,
I have some trouble getting it to come up the first time after a fresh
boot.  It appears to come up all the way but no speech.  One time I
think there was a message about "process speaker not running".  But if
I exit emacs completely and restart emacspeak with the same parms as
the first time, then eflite  comes up talking like it always should.
I'm using eflite 0.3.8, emacspeak 19.1 CVS from a couple weeks ago,
Emacs 21.3 Slackware 9.1.

Any one else experience this?  For some reason, I don't have the
problem on my home desktop but this laptop is doing what was described

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