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Re: Starting Emacspeak with Eflite

Hey Steve;

Steve Holmes <steve@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> When I start Emacspeak with DTK_PROGRAM set to /usr/local/bin/eflite,
> I have some trouble getting it to come up the first time after a fresh
> boot.  It appears to come up all the way but no speech.  One time I

I too have this experience on a new setup  on RedHat 9.  The emacspeak
version on RH9 is only 17 which I am running now till everything else
is sorted out.

> Any one else experience this?  For some reason, I don't have the
> problem on my home desktop but this laptop is doing what was described
> above.

Yes.  This is curious about the laptop.  I too am running this on a
laptop.  A Toshiba Satellite (model unknown) if this helps.

The problem happens right after a cold booting of the machine and I am
able to start the speech server by doing the server restart within

I chased down CVS versions of URL and W3 and installed them.  This
works fine too but will not start during the same session as the first
starting of emacspeak after a boot.  Supposing this might be due to
the reading of the emacs startup files being aborted prematurely.

In closing, I'll get a post out to this group if and when I discover
the problem or suitable work around.


Jerry Sievers   305 854-3001 (home)     WWW ECommerce Consultant
                305 321-1144 (mobile	http://www.JerrySievers.com/

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