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[Sean Murphy] Accent SA spelling punctuation problem, please help.

From: "Sean Murphy" <mhysnq@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi All.

I am using a Artic Transport emmulation mode for the Accent Sa Speech

I have read the reference manual, search the archieves and howto's.

There was an old message in the archives with someone having a simular
problem using a Double Talk.  But the issue I have is that the fix that was
suggested doesn't work.

The suggested to turn off punctuation.  This only works for the first few
punctuation characters and then the spelling comes back.  Example text

this.is"a test"\.

The first couple of punctuation chars are spoken fine with the punctuation
set to none.  Then it reverts back to the spelling of the punctuation.  By
the way, white spaces are also spoken.

I have used c-u -e dp to set it on all buffers and this didn't make a
difference.  If I use ViaVoice, the problem doesn't occur.  My suspicion is
that the problem is with the Speech Server.  Anyone know if their is a Artic
Transport server out their or how to fix this problem?

I hope someone can help and I am a new user of Linux.  My knowledge is very
limited in some areas and emacspeak plus emacs is one of those areas.



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