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Re: Unidentified subject!

can you point out instances in the code where such clause delimiters
are not sent? I've programmed the Dectalk for a long time too, and
all of the code in emacspeak should be generating clause boundaries
correctly --- if it didn't the speech would sound awful even if it
>>>>> "Bruce" == Bruce  <b2me10@xxxxxxxxxxx-dsl.com> writes:

    Bruce> Hi!
 This is just a comment, but I agree for one
    Bruce> important reason and that is in doing code it is important
    Bruce> to insure a gap for synchronization and stabilization. This
    Bruce> is definitely true with Dectalk because it recommends
    Bruce> putting a clause terminator or sync before the next command
    Bruce> to insure that all things are reset and stable. 
 It may
    Bruce> work all the time on some systems, but probably not all. I
    Bruce> mean without the fix it may work for some computers, but
    Bruce> not all.  Programming a Dectalk in assembly I have learned
    Bruce> to do this and the specs on it does recommend it.
    Bruce> Sincerely
 Bruce A. Babcock
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    Bruce> Unidentified subject!
 This old patch is helpful to
    Bruce> start Emacspeak using the DECtalk software.
 Its aim is to
    Bruce> filter the first call to the Pause function. Without it,
    Bruce> Emacspeak stops talking after the initial stage.
 I agree
    Bruce> that my patch is not very elegant...
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