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Re: Emacspeak And Software Dectalk

Hi Bruce and others,
Currently I am using flite/eflite as a software TTS with Emacspeak. I am
extremely happy with Emacspeak, indeed I suppose I would have ceased to
do anything useful a few months ago but for Emacspeak. THANKS RAMAN!

The only trouble is that flite comes with only one voice which means
that Voice Lock (which I presume, gives a clue as to the kind of text
being read eg. Comments or math-mode in LaTeX) is not working. I was
thinking of "upgrading" to Dectalk software but have been deterred by:

   1.   the fact that I do not know exactly what advantages would accrue if I
did buy the product (the price for someone in India is not trivial!)

    2. the software seems very difficult to get working. I am legally
       blind and am not computer literate.

If there is some easy to follow HOWTO instruction set which is not
entirely dependent on the Linux distro. (I have a friend who installs my
SuSE Linux  for me as a favour) and if DecTalk gives substantial
advantages over flite/eflite I might be inclined to invest in DecTalk.

This is not a cry for help but a response to TVR's call for a user-poll
on the DecTalk software.

Thanks to all in the list.

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