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Re: Emacspeak And Software Dectalk

T. V. Raman writes:
 > 0) Do you use the software Dectalk with Emacspeak?
Yes, on my laptop for which I don't want to carry a DECTALK Express. I
would use it in my desktop machine too, if it were not for the fact
that the speech quality of the older DECTALK Express is, for several
reasons, somewhat better, and this is not sentimentality on my part.
 > 1) When did you buy it (approx date)
Early March 2003, before taking a trip to the U.S. for the CSUN conference.

DECTALK has likewise been my favourite text to speech system for a
long time, and I am not aware of any alternative that can match it for
speech quality and accuracy, except perhaps Prose 4000, also based on
Klatt's work, which appears to have been consigned to history. I am
not greatly impressed by any of the diphone synthesizers that I have
heard so far.

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