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Re: update on speech server issue

Hi Chris,

Nothing obvious jumps out. However, here are a few things I would do -

1. Check the messages buffer for any errors when emacs loads the
   emacspeak files. It is possible this information may have scrolled
   out of the buffer if a lot of other packages are loaded after
   loading emacspeak. However, you can increase the default size of
   the messages buffer, either through customize or by a line like

(setq message-log-max 2048)

2. Although I think Raman removed the need to set TCL_PROGRAM, I'd set
   it and see if that makes a difference. e.g.

export TCL_PROGRAM=tcl

Assuming extended tcl is called tcl on your system.

3. In your earlier post, you indicated you tested the server with the
tcl dtk-exp

   I would try doing it with the full path, just to make sure there
   isn't something funky happening with the path setting e.g.

tcl /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/servers/dtk-exp

If none of that gives you any more clues, we will have to give it some
more thought!



Christopher Strong writes:
 > > do you have write prmissions to the device when you run emacs?
 > > Otherwise there is nothing else I can think of that could be
 > > causing this based on what you sent in your prior note.
 > Yes, I've chmod'ded /dev/ttyS0 to 666.  Also, testing emacspeak as root
 > demonstrates the same problem, so I think I've ruled out a permission issue.
 > Also, when I was running TCL on the dtk-exp file, it spoke just fine from
 > the user account.
 > Is there a file with any debug information?  I could not find anything useful
 > in syslog.  I've tried re-compiling the program several times.  The only
 > thing I did not try would be to rerun ldconfig after I removed the SuSE tcl/tk
 > packages before I rebuilt emacspeak.  Tomorrow, I could try re-installing the
 > entire TCL/TK/emacspeak set again to make certain it is not some sort of
 > strange TCL issue, but since the test script works, I have a feeling that will
 > not help.
 > The machine is at my office and shut off for tonight, so I can't check again
 > until morning.
 > Thanks for your help!  I've installed emacspeak on computers before and this
 > is the most frustrating problem I have encountered.
 > -Chris
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To unsubscribe from the emacspeak list or change your address on the
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