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Re: No go (Re: Accent SA in Emacspeak-22)

A thousand thanks for your 7th clarification :) -- your checklist
should be put in a prominent place because it didn't show up when I
was looking for info on the Java, Festival or Accent drivers, the Java
Synth authors didn't know about it, and the Emacspeak-SS drivers
seemed to be dtk-emulations, based on the distribution dtk-exp TCL.

I vote we put your checklist into a README.synths and plunk it into

>>>>> "TV" == TV Raman <tvraman@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    TV> 0) implement a <foo>-voices.el file by cloning the one for the
    TV> Dectalk or Outloud and defining the necessary codes.

    TV> 1) Implement the corresponding speech server --- ... a lot of
    TV> the common code is in tts-lib.tcl -- so you essentially clone
    TV> either outloud ot dtk-exp depending on whether you're a
    TV> hardware or software synth

    TV> 2) finally, submit a patch to make function
    TV> tts-configure-synthesis-setup aware of the new server.

Steps zero and two are the critical missing chunks.  All the driver
authors I contacted either did not know this, or thought it too
trivial to mention.

The Emacspeak documentation is also a little misleading.  The docs
claim support for a long list of other synths with config change given
as setting the DTK_PROGRAM variable.  There's no mention of
registering drivers or implementing any elisp, and the only
*-voices.el files in Emacspeak-22 are for dectalk, flite and outloud

... and that latter synth hasn't worked with any Linux released in the
current millenium :)

Whatever, I have traction on my wheels again and I'm rollin'! 

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