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Re: xslt transform to linearize tables was:Re: what is the best wayto read webpages presented with html tables ?


Finally, after searching and searching again I found the good method to
achieve my goal. So i explain here in case it will serve to other
Emacs/Emacspeak/W3m users.
In fact to linearize tables in w3m using the emacspeak xslt capabilities
you must :

1- If it's not already done, install the xsltproc package (sorry this
package name is for Debian and i don't know the name of the package for
others distros but it will be something quite similar)
2- In the w3m customization group buffer, toggle the "w3m async exec"
function to off (don't forget to save the change before quitting the
3- start w3m and select the appropriate xslt transformation file by
invoking M-x emacspeak-w3-xslt-select function. when prompted for choice
of the file, choose linearize-tables.xsl (this file is located in
....../site-lisp/emacspeak/xsl/ directory)
4- Finally to linearize tables contained in a webpage use the following
function : M-x emacspeak-w3-xsl-toggle ; this function can switch from
on to off ; When it is "on" tables are linearized and when it is "off"
the page is rendered without linearization. 

To work faster you can bound the functions used at "3" and "4" to
personal key bindings. For example to bound the emacspeak-w3-xsl-toggle
function to C-x t add the following line to your .emacs file :
(global-set-key "\C-xt" 'emacspeak-w3-xsl-toggle)

Now a question : I see in the ....../site-lisp/emacspeak/xsl/ directory
there are a lot of files but how to know which transformation are the
differents file capable ? do you know if documentation exist regarding
this ? 

Hope my little explanations will help some of you, and please tell me if
I forgot to mention something !


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