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time-less-p symobol's definition is void?

describe-function of time-less-p says
time-less-p is a compiled Lisp function in `time-date'.
(time-less-p T1 T2)

Say whether time T1 is less than time T2.
 >>>>> "Tim" == Tim Cross <tcross@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Tim> Hi All,

    Tim> This one is probably only answerable by Raman, but I figured
    Tim> I'd post it to the list so that if he replies it will be in
    Tim> the archives in case others encounter it.

    Tim> I was running emacspeak 19.0. I've written a driver for the
    Tim> Cepstral voices and decided to update to the latest CVS
    Tim> version of emacspeak before doing a final install/test of my
    Tim> modifications and sending them off to Raman for inclusion in
    Tim> emacspeak.

    Tim> When I start up the new install, I get an error relating to
    Tim> the emacspeak functions which check for new mail and notify
    Tim> you etc. The error says time-less-p definition is void. OK,
    Tim> no real problem, I expect this just means Raman has been
    Tim> doing some mods and they might not quite be complete
    Tim> yet. Just to check, I do a grep of the emacspeak sources I
    Tim> had installed before and find out that time-less-p was used
    Tim> there as well. Now I'm confused as I didn't get this error
    Tim> before (or maybe I just didn't notice it). I do some more
    Tim> checking. I load emacs with the -q -no-site-init and do an
    Tim> apropos for time-less-p. I get no hits, so it seems it is not
    Tim> part of the standard emacs distribution. If I run emacs with
    Tim> -q I get two hits for the apropos search, eldav-time-less-p
    Tim> and tramp-time-less-p, but still no time-less-p.

    Tim> Can anyone tell me where time-less-p is supposed to be
    Tim> defined?

    Tim> Tim

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