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Re: The F-10 key

Kalyan Mukherjea writes:
 > My suggestion is that in the info document, even before explaining how
 > to open files etc. the use of F-10 be explained.

That's fine, but I actually don't think explaining how to use Emacs,
or the Emacs menu system, is the business of the Emacspeak
documentation. All of this is thoroughly documented in the Emacs
manual. I haven't checked the Emacspeak documentation, but what it
should emphasize is:

1. Use C-h t to get a basic tutorial on how to use Emacs.

2. Use C-h i to enter the info documentation system, then select the
   Emacs manual and read it.

These instructions could be supplemented with basic information on how
to navigate through the documentation, but ultimately the Emacspeak
guide is no substitute for the Emacs documents. I am worried that
people won't read the documentation, then come to the mailing list
asking questions, taking up other peoples' time and effort as well as
their own, which could all have been avoided if they read the manual
in the first place. If someone reads the manual and doesn't understand
it, that's another matter entirely, of course. Emacspeak documentation
should supplement the Emacs manual with information that is specific
to the speech interface. If the Emacs documentation is lacking in some
respects, then I am sure the maintainers would value contributions;
and I am not in any way suggesting that people should be lax about the
quality of documentation.

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