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F 10 key

Hello Jason,

Mea culpa!  But from the (disad)-vantage point of a visually impaired
user, I feel it ought to be mentioned early in the Emacspeak manual.

 The point is that Emacs is so vast that  most people
start with the tutorial and then resort to "learning by doing". I have
not used any  editor  than GNU Emacs or Xemacs. And yet I had not
found the tmm-menubar feature. I am sure that it will occur somewhere
in the 700+ pages of the  Emacs manual, but  F-10  would be such a
tremendous boon to visually impaired users like myself, that I feel it
ought to be mentioned in  the Emacspeak manual.

After reading your letter I opened the Emacs tutorial to see if I
could locate a description of F10 BY AUDIO. I gave up after 20
minutes. Ditto for the Emacs Manual.  

 What information should be in the Emacspeak manual is,
of course, is upto  the maintainers. I wrote my post
thinkking that end-user inputs might be found useful; it seems I was
in error.

My apologies to all list members.

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