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The F-10 key

I think the comments are fair enough.

My suggestion is that if you feel there is improvements which could be
made to the manual then make them and submit them. Remember, this is
an open source project which relies on contributions - much of the
users guide and install guide were contributed to by various memebers
of the emacspeak community. 


>>>>> "Kalyan" == Kalyan Mukherjea <kalyan@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

 Kalyan> Hello all, I have been using Emacspeak (17.0) for about a
 Kalyan> year and always wondered why I could not find in the info or
 Kalyan> html files in the user-guide directory any mention of how to
 Kalyan> find out what the menubar is like. The menubar changes
 Kalyan> depending on the type of buffer and I wondered how Raman and
 Kalyan> other blind users found out all the connands available from
 Kalyan> the menu. The trouble was that I knew that it existed, I had
 Kalyan> some months ago accidentally done something and Emacspeak
 Kalyan> started to read out the items on the menubar. Because I am
 Kalyan> bervous about unexpected occurrences I pressed C-g and could
 Kalyan> never find the particular keystroke again.

 Kalyan> A few days ago I learnt from Gilles Casse that it is the F-10
 Kalyan> key.  Since then I have found Emacspeak a lot more
 Kalyan> friendly. I even discovered new commands in the nath item
 Kalyan> which comes up when I use AucTeX to type LaTeX documents.

 Kalyan> My suggestion is that in the info document, even before
 Kalyan> explaining how to open files etc. the use of F-10 be
 Kalyan> explained.

 Kalyan> Thanks.  Kalyan

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