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Re: F 10 key

>>>>> "KM" == Kalyan Mukherjea <kalyanm@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    KM> After reading your letter I opened the Emacs tutorial to see if
    KM> I could locate a description of F10 BY AUDIO. I gave up after 20
    KM> minutes. Ditto for the Emacs Manual.

Yes, Emacs is complicated, so it's important to learn how to use its
documentation system.  For instance, when you look for `menu' by isearch
in the Emacs Info documentation, already the third occurrence leads you
directly to the section containing the information.  You can even simply
invoke `m menu TAB' in the top of the Emacs Info manual and you get the
clue.  Also, `C-h a menu.*bar RET' gives you the result, though it's a
bit more difficult to find it in this case.

I don't say the idea of e.g. writing an appendix to the Emacs tutorial
explaining the features especially interesting to the blind users is
bad.  But it is more important to find a way to learn to use the Emacs
help system efficiently, which serves you all the time and better than
just learning some particular useful feature.


Milan Zamazal

If we are going to start removing packages because of the quality of the
software, wonderful.  I move to remove all traces of the travesty of editors,
vi, from Debian, since obviously as editors they are less than alpha quality
software.                                   -- Manoj Srivastava in debian-devel

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