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The F-10 key

Hello Tim,
      I did write to Milan saying that I quite accept his point that
      if I want things to be different then I must either be patient
      or be willing to do something about it.
The only problem is that I don't know how Emacs/Emacspeak works; last
      year you had told me so! Maybe that makes me the ideal person to
      write a preamble  to the Emacspeak manual for the blind novice!
      Maybe the texi file should be 3-blind-mice.texi for the the
      novice, the non-expert author and the creator of  Emacspeak.

But joking aside, I'll try to write up something about the
difficulties I faced, how I got around some of them etc. --- this is
all I am capable of doing. Is this worth doing?

As a last thought on the original question: very few users seem to
know about this key. Most people who write regularly on this list are
developers so obviously they'll know Emacs in all its detail. 

I did a small email/phone survey amongst people I know, who regularly
 use Emacs.  No one knew about this key: including the colleague (a
 computer scientist who got his Ph.D. from Cornell) who fixes my Linux vs.
 hardware woes knew this key.  Let me say one last time:  Emacspeak is
 a fantastic tool for blind people. Naturally most of the people
 providing support are software developers, more often than not, with
 eye-sight. So it is not surprising that there is a tendency to treat
 elementary questions with "Oh everyone knows that or ought to" I have
 read people in the Oralux list exclaim "Emacspeak est beaucoup
 difficile". I think it is the business of the Emacspeak maintainers
 and developers to make this extraordinary tool usable by the widest
 possible circle of visually impaired computer users.

 And let us stop talking about F-10.


Tim Cross writes:
 > I think the comments are fair enough.
 > My suggestion is that if you feel there is improvements which could be
 > made to the manual then make them and submit them. Remember, this is
 > an open source project which relies on contributions - much of the
 > users guide and install guide were contributed to by various memebers
 > of the emacspeak community. 
 > Tim

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