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Re: F 10 key

Milan Zamazal writes:
 > >>>>> "KM" == Kalyan Mukherjea <kalyanm@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
 > Yes, Emacs is complicated, so it's important to learn how to use its
 > documentation system.  For instance, when you look for `menu' by isearch
 > in the Emacs Info documentation, already the third occurrence leads you
 > directly to the section containing the information.  You can even simply
 > invoke `m menu TAB' in the top of the Emacs Info manual and you get the
 > clue.  Also, `C-h a menu.*bar RET' gives you the result, though it's a
 > bit more difficult to find it in this case.
Exactly. I went to the Emacs manual, searched for "menu" in the table
of contents, and found the appropriate section within 30 seconds. The
second paragraph explained the function of the F10 key.

One good feature of the Emacs manual is that the table of contents is
so comprehensive. By reading it you can quickly gain an understanding
of what features are available and which sections of the manual are of

I would suggest that new users should read the Emacs tutorial and
browse the table of contents of the Emacs manual, reading whichever
sections they consider most relevant to them.

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