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Re: F 10 key

Hello Milan,
Thanks for the very helpful hint on how to search for things in the
manual. I have no rebuttal to what you say. 

But I feel that  the idea that a separate "appendix" or "preamble" for blind users is
not of much use does not reflect the feelings of users of Emacspeak who
are actually blind or (like myself) only legally blind. Carried to its
logical conclusion it can lead to an aphorism which my fortune utility
offers me at bootup: " The code is the documentation".

In the New York Times of yesterday there was an article called "Finding
the EUREKA key". It appears that on some IBM laptops, the keys can b
lighted up to facilitate use in dark. But to light up the   keyboard one
must do Alt + pageUp. When IBM were asked why this is not mentioned in
the users' manual they replied "How many things can we documebn?i" 


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