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Re: F 10 key

>>>>> "KM" == Kalyan Mukherjea <kalyan@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    KM> But I feel that the idea that a separate "appendix" or
    KM> "preamble" for blind users is not of much use does not reflect
    KM> the feelings of users of Emacspeak who are actually blind or
    KM> (like myself) only legally blind. 

I haven't said the idea is not of much use, just that not all useful and
important things can be done easily.  Unless you are going to help with
or sponsor some important things, it's better not to hope they will be
done and to focus on other possible ways (like learning the things
allowing further learning without assistance).

Your suggestion was anyway useful and maybe sometimes someone writes
the tutorial for the blind.


Milan Zamazal

Here is my advice, don't try to program the bleeding edge for the
general populace unless you really, really, really like migraines.
						   Neal H. Walfield

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