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Re: Getting close (Re: Accent SA in Emacspeak-22)

I'd thought of using DTK_PORT, but the tts-lib then makes assumptions
on the default based on the OS, so I felt it best to leave all that
code in one spot and just expose the port in the tss() object.

I'll look into that dtk-replace-duplicates thing, and I've been
re-reading the TCL tutorials on latest changes to the regex functions
in search of clues to complete that component.

I have one other problem that surfaced last night after posting my
code: Yes, it talks now, but sometimes it won't shut up!  I find that
the C-e b command very often cannot be stopped except by a sound
system reset (C-e C-s) and fortunately that reset will work (often not
the first try, but always on the second) -- this first happened when I
used the read-buffer command on a long webpage in w3 mode, but it also
happens sometimes when reading mode-help or keybinding pages.  

I expect there's something about my tcl code that just gets itself
tied in a knot, and fortunately the work-around to restart the speach
server is pretty painless and doesn't lose any work.

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