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Re: Getting close (Re: Accent SA in Emacspeak-22)

stop not working is a symptom of too much text getting buffered.
If you look at the code in dtk-speak it takes care to queue text
a clause at a time --- and the corresponding code in the tcl
layer hand-shakes with index marks after each clause --- I
suspect you're not waiting correctly for the index marks from the
accent, and consequently shoving too much text down the serial
If that happens, your stop command will not make it to the device
--- or at least it will take a while to make it to the device (as
long as it takes over a 9600 baud line that is).

Incidentally you asserted earlier that your accent escape codes
were being lost in translation --- that again I suspect is
happening in your tcl code.

Here is a rough sketch of what emacspeak does:

0) Grabs text to be spoken and copies it to a scratch buffer.

1) Applies a sequence of transformation and cleanup rules
   including handling repeating patterns,
2) Process the result a clause at a time, and queue each clause
   to the TTS server.
3) While queueing each clause, applies appropriate synth-specific


>>>>> "Gary" == Gary Lawrence Murphy <garym@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
    Gary> I'd thought of using DTK_PORT, but the tts-lib then
    Gary> makes assumptions on the default based on the OS, so I
    Gary> felt it best to leave all that code in one spot and
    Gary> just expose the port in the tss() object.
    Gary> I'll look into that dtk-replace-duplicates thing, and
    Gary> I've been re-reading the TCL tutorials on latest
    Gary> changes to the regex functions in search of clues to
    Gary> complete that component.
    Gary> I have one other problem that surfaced last night after
    Gary> posting my code: Yes, it talks now, but sometimes it
    Gary> won't shut up!  I find that the C-e b command very
    Gary> often cannot be stopped except by a sound system reset
    Gary> (C-e C-s) and fortunately that reset will work (often
    Gary> not the first try, but always on the second) -- this
    Gary> first happened when I used the read-buffer command on a
    Gary> long webpage in w3 mode, but it also happens sometimes
    Gary> when reading mode-help or keybinding pages.
    Gary> I expect there's something about my tcl code that just
    Gary> gets itself tied in a knot, and fortunately the
    Gary> work-around to restart the speach server is pretty
    Gary> painless and doesn't lose any work.
    Gary> -- Gary Lawrence Murphy <garym@xxxxxxxxxxx>: office
    Gary> voice/fax: 01 519 4222723 Business Advantage through
    Gary> Community Software - http://teledyn.com "what I need is
    Gary> a job that doesn't interfere with my work" -gary murphy
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