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emacspeak - Re: [Emacspeak] TTS Server Implementation Questions

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Re: [Emacspeak] TTS Server Implementation Questions

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  • From: Robert Melton <lists AT>
  • To: Tim Cross <theophilusx AT>
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  • Subject: Re: [Emacspeak] TTS Server Implementation Questions
  • Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2024 17:58:50 -0400

There is the possibility of a pure lisp approximation approach. If you
were moving by like "visual lines" and you could set it, in a very
basic version would read line, wait a bit, read next line. If it was
relatively in sync with the reading rate, it would get you most of the
way there.

Endless fancy additions could be added to estimate time to wait before
reading the next line, but even when it didn't work perfectly, you would
be closer to the right spot then you would have been otherwise. A basic
version might be add X ms per word to delay before next line.

/me goes back to digging in defcustom code.

> On Apr 9, 2024, at 15:48, Tim Cross <theophilusx AT> wrote:
> I personally don't see the amount of required effort justifyhing the
> benefits given we already have the capability to work with varying
> chunks of speech. Yes, it would provide some convenience, but at a high
> cost which I feel is hard to justify. However

Robert "robertmeta" Melton
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