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Re: update on speech server issue

Well, I've now tried running it under other shells (tcsh and csh), and
even installing my own copy of emacs 21.3.1 from source.  Nothing I can figure
out seems to make any difference.  Emacspeak 17 and 18 work, 19 and above do
not work.

When I start emacspeak >=19, using with the "-l" option or the "emacspeak"
script, the symptoms are identical as the emacspeak script.  Emacs appears to
be unable to start properly, and even commands like "c-x c-c" fail, with error
beeps and messages like "Buffer *Echo Area 1* has no process" the first time I
try it, and "Buffer *dtk-scratch-buffer* has no process" on subsequent
attempts, until the fourth or fifth attempt until it finally lets me out.

No error message on startup except the two I have reported before..."speech
server not running" and "ad-handle-definition: `occur-mode-goto-occurrence' got

Just to recap: the system is running SuSE 9.2.  I've tried installing the
RPM, but the SuSE tclx does not contain the "tcl" binary that emacspeak needs,
so I ended up installing tcl, tk, and tclx from source.

All versions of emacspeak then build, and 17 and 18 work.  19 and 20 do not.

I have tried installing a local version of emacs.  I've tried running
emacspeak using the "emacspeak" script, as well as:

"emacs -no-site-file -q -l

With both the SuSE emacs and now my local emacs.  It still does not work.

Any ideas?


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