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Re: update on speech server issue

>>>>> "T" == Tim Cross <tcross@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    T> I'm pretty convinced the problem is specific to Suse

On the Accent side, I get this behaviour with a fresh install of RH9


I can run the emacspeak/servers/accent script from the command line,
and it functions as expected, giving a brief welcome message.

    T> ... type C-e C-s (Control e followed by control s) after
    T> starting emacspeak and when you see the "Process speaker not
    T> running" error.

I just get a beep, and then the same error message.

    T> It might be worth verifying what is in your .bash startup
    T> scripts as well

Not sure which switches you mean, but if you mean switches on emacs
itself, there's none.  /usr/bin/emacspeak uses -q, but that should
affect anything.

    T> Christopher Strong writes:
    >> DTK_PORT=/dev/ttyS0 DTK_PROGRAM=dtk-exp
    >> EMACSPEAK_DIR="/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak"

My environment is the same, except that DTK_PROGRAM is set to 'accent'

I'm not sure how to redirect the tcl output, but I will try to 
extract more information from it, or at least verify that it tries
to load.

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