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Re: update on speech server issue

Hi Chris,

Sorry I've not responded to the bash config stuff you posted - just a
little busy with paid work just now. However, I just looked very
quickly at the code and I notice that one of the config files has a
"special" section for setting some emacs specific values relating to
the emacs shell. I've not had time to digest what these settings do,
but would strongly suggest checking them out. It may be a false lead,
but I'm guessing the problem you have is somehow related to emacs's
interaction with sub-processes or the shell when it calls tcl - I
noticed an stty setting which I know can cause problems with serial
devices if incorrect (though it does look to be only applying the
settings to standard in/out).

I've not seen this sort of config for the shell before - certainly not
on Red Hat, Slackware, Madrake or Debian and possibly unique to Suse,
so it would be very worth going through each line in the section
relating to the emacs shell and checking what it does.


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